4 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Business

4 Reasons Why Blogging is good for your business

4 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Business highlights the key points and the important facts you need to know about blogging for business.

What ways can you really show that you’re an expert in what you do? How can you tell your current and potential customers that you know what you’re doing if not through your blog? Do you want to show what and what you know about your business? Drive free traffic to your site? generate and convert leads? then you must and should start blogging.

Below are the 4 Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Business


1) Showcase Your Expertise and Grasps of Your Business to Your Existing and Potential Customers

How else can you showcase the full grasps and knowledge of your business and niche to your clients and potential customers? How else can you answer their questions in a way that they will be fully aware and certain that you know what you’re talking about if not through your website blog posts?   Aside from doing any of the above, your blog posts focusing on the questions and proffering solutions to the needs of your clients enables you to engaged and create a lasting relationship with them.   One example of the above is one of our clients (Fusion Nest Fertility Center).


Through their blog, Fusion Nest has answered the client’s questions which often comes via their emails and direct messages on their social media channels. The clients become more informed seeing their questions answered and then this translates into trust and later sales.


So what questions are your clients asking? What and what do you know about your business that can be of extra benefit to your clients? It’s time to showcase them to the world through your blog.  


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2) It Gives Search Engines Robots Something To Feed On, Thereby Driving Free Organic Traffic To Your Site.

Why do you have a website for your business? To serve as an online face for your business and at the same time generate regular traffic from the right set of audience for your products and services.   Ultimately what every website owner want’s is for sale to come through their website and this can only be possible when your site attracts not just regular traffic, but the right ones and this is what your blog offers you on a platter of gold.  

It’s a disservice to any/every business website if the blog part of the site is not activated or not active. You possibly won’t be creating new pages all the time or update the pages you have as often as it’s necessary for search engines to notice as a blog would do.   Every well researched and optimized new blog post on your site is one new index opportunity for your site and another opportunity for search engine robots to spot your site and take notice.  

It also keeps your content marketing loop active. With every new blog post, you have something new and valuable to share with your current and potential customers on social media and other marketing channels available to your business.  Every new blog post you create serves as an offshoot to other contents. In fact, you can spring multiple styles of contents from just one blog post. You can choose to

  • Serialized you post using images.
  • Create infographic and DIY Videos off just one blog post.
  • Or re-purposed them into downloadable ebooks.


Website Makes It Better For Your Business



3) It Enables You To Convert Your Traffic into Leads.

Now you don’t just give something valuable without expecting something in return, if you don’t, then that’s entirely your fault.   It’s your duty to ensure that your blog post is positioned in such a way that it will drive the expected benefit to your business. For you to generate needed leads from your blog post you need to do the following  

  1. Fill your blog post with related relevant posts
  2. Have actionable  CTA(Call To Action ) on strategic places within your blog posts. These CTA can be linked to downloadable ebooks, fact-sheets, infographic or other valuable resources that your readers can download in exchange for their emails

Within this post, you can see relevant related links and other CTA that can be of interest to people that needs website or SEO Services for their website/blogs. With this,  you can continually be engaged with your leads and ultimately convert them into buying clients.


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4) It Enables You to Convert Your Leads into Sales.

This one has worked for me many times over. I continually share new valuable content to my potential clients who have previously made an inquiry about one thing or the other, this, in turn, will lead to more engagement between me and the client and then sales.   This is the ultimate aim of any engagement you initiate with your clients, to serve them with valuable contents, engage them and ultimately provide both free and paid solutions to some to most of their needs.  


SEO For Your Website and Blog


In Conclusion 

The benefit of blogging for your business website is much more than what I have outlined above. Your website blog can adapt the different approach in sharing its message to the world.  

Today you can have a niche-focused post solving one problem or the other, tomorrow it could be a photoblog post about an event in and around your business or a series of videos or just an infographic image outlining a DIY to common business needs of your clients.  

So, don’t ever think you have nothing to write about. Get your site blog up and start publishing. We can help set up your website blog and keep it running to the benefit of your business all you need do is to email us/or chat us up on WhatsApp using the contact details below.  


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