Why Your Nigerian Business Needs A Website

Why Your Nigerian Business Needs A Website

What are the reasons why your Nigerian business needs a website? You may ask, Do I really need a website for my business? Some will say they have been operating their business for years and doing well off their local shops and on social media so why add a website to it?

Regardless of how well you think your business seems to be doing with your physical storefront or your social media channels the truth remains that at this time and age every business needs a website and we will highlight the 7 reasons why your Nigerian business needs a website below.


7 Reasons Why Your Nigerian Business Needs A Website 

1- Your Customers Are Searching for You Online.

The number one thing any business digital marketing strategy should aim to achieve is for that business to be present when their potential customers are looking for them. Available data shows that 97 per cent of internet users go online to find local businesses and 93% of online experience starts with a search engine.

When people search on search engines what do you think get returned as results? “Web pages” and only those with a digital footprint, only those with websites will have their web pages returned.

Nigeria currently has over 134..2 internet users and the majority of them use mobile to search for one thing or the other and do you know who controls mobile search both locally and globally? Google.

Believe it or not, there are over 5 billion searches on Google per day that is around 63,000 searchers per second, and at this very moment, there is someone in your business niche online and searching for your exact service you don’t want to miss that.


2- Your Website is Your 247/365 All Year Round Sales Man

Asleep or awake your website is there 247/365 answering questions about your business and attending to your potential customers. Apart from searching for phrases and things around your niche, your potential customers might just want to know more things about your business and they will throw in a branded search to find out

  • Who you are
  • What you offer
  • Your team
  • The full details of your product and services
  • And how best to contact you

We live in an age of “THE NOW“, where consumers want the information they seek immediately so your website should be able to provide immediate answers to your customer’s questions.


3- It Projects Your Brand and Builds Its Authority

A website gives your business the credibility and the professional outlook it deserves. Available data shows consumers are more comfortable with businesses that have a proper online presence which a website represents.

Although we have many professionals, thought leaders and personal brands doing great on just their respective social media channels, but your website grants you a much better space to build your brands authority. With blogging and other forms of it your website gives you a perfect platform to showcase your expertise in your niche to both your existing and potential customers.

  • With your website, you can easily showcase your business awards, certifications and other giant strides of your team in your industry. If your business has appeared in articles from newspapers or popular local blogs, you can also feature those which will also serve the secondary purpose of creating a permanent archive for those materials.
  • You can also showcase the best reviews and/or testimonials that you have on your website which is a great way to establish your business social proof.
  • With your website, you create a branded email address (e.g. yourname@yourwebsite.com) which adds a level of professionalism to all of your correspondence compared to doing that with the usual Gmail, yahoo or .aol mails that most people use.

The truth is that if your competitors aren’t online yet, they probably will be soon. So don’t just build a website for the sake of building one, commit to having a website that will stand your business out, a website that will answer the questions of your target audience within your niche and a website that will have your site visitors coming back again and again once they have the first contact with it.


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4- Your Website Enables You to Showcase Your Products and Services With Ease

With your website, you can easily showcase your business offerings in the best ways possible. You can use any of the following to display your products/services offerings

  • Normal images with a description alongside your products/services pricing and call-to-action buttons for your customers to take the next action on your listed products/services
  • You can use videos or slider images to showcase your products and services.


5- Most Consumers Will Make a Buying Decision After Contact with Your Website.

Your website is your number one marketing asset because we live in a digital age. Not having a website makes consumers trust you less.

More and more consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on what their website has to offer. People are more likely to do business with a company they trust, and a website is one of the first places they go to check out the company’s credentials, reviews, and other details.

Aside from enabling your consumers to make a decision about your business, a standout website design and a well-optimized one for your business will enable you to compete well with the against and goliaths in your industry.


6- Your Website Is an Investment That Will Make A Good Return for Your Business.

In 2020, more and more people are going online especially at the wake of the current pandemic to look for information and transact business and these trends are expected to continue even after normalcy have returned.

Available data also shows that almost 4.54 billion people ( 59% of the global population ) use the Internet, and without a website, your business is invisible to these people especially one that’s not properly optimized for search engine.

So to stay competitive in this increasingly digital world, your business needs to get online even if you don’t think of yourself as an “eCommerce” business, you can still use an online store to benefit your offline business and use many available delivery options to deliver your products to your customers.


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7- It’s Not Difficult to Own One

One of the things to keeps many entrepreneurs and small businesses from owning a website is the thinking that the cost of owning and maintaining one will be well too expansive.

That’s not completely correct as they are many options available for businesses to own a website. Many organizations offer cost-effective web design and development services and also many tools are readily available to enable businesses to own a website.

Many small and medium scale businesses websites are built with WordPress which has both free and paid version and a large community of supporters. You can find cost-effective web design company in Lagos that can build a website for your business using WordPress.

Aside from WordPress, you can find other modern tools like Squarespace and Wix which make it easy for you to build an attractive, mobile-friendly site without any knowledge of code. Of cause, you can have your website built for you from ground up via coding if you don’t subscribe to any of the options mentioned above.

Website maintenance services are not difficult either as you can easily do that yourself as a business owner or outsource to web design and maintenance agencies.

In other words, it has never been simpler to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing website for your business as it is now


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Who Needs A Website

Be you a Nigerian business ( B2B, B2C ) or personal brand you need a website to be exposed and discovered by the over 133.4 Million Nigerian internet users as at 2020 which is projected to be 187.8 Million by 2023. If you are in any of the industries listed below, then you need a website

  • A Creative industry
  • Hair entrepreneur
  • A thought leader / personal brand.
  • Church / Religion based NGO.
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Event Management and Rentals.
  • Accountants
  • Got A Hospital / Medical Practice / Dentist / Optometrist / Pharmacist.
  • A writer
  • An aspiring blogger.
  • School owner.
  • Jewellery entrepreneur.
  • Agriculture / Farming.
  • Building a Personal Brand.
  • Hospitality / Hotelier / Restaurant
  • Dry cleaners

Whatever business you’re engaged in, you need a website that will expose your business to all your potential target audience.


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So What’s Your Reason Again For Not Considering A Website For Your Business or Idea?

  • I’m doing well on Social media so I don’t need a website?
  • My business is too small for me to have a website
  • I’m not having any online products, this is purely a brick and mortar business so I don’t need a website
  • I will consider a website when I get one for free

 The truth is that as a business owner you have no reasons not to get a website for your business and if you’re looking for web designers in Lagos or a reputable web design company in Lagos Nigeria, then you have Doers technologies at your service. Just visit our website design and development services page and take it up from there. Better still send us a Whatsapp message here on your business web design needs and we will be glad to help set up your business online.

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