Why Every Nigerian Business Needs SEO

Why Every Nigerian Business Needs SEO

SEO is very important that’s why every Nigerian business needs SEO especially now that COVID-19 pandemic is turning all economic permutations on their heads. No matter how big or small your business is and no matter how remote your location is, your business needs SEO.


What Type of Nigerian Business Needs SEO?

No business or sector of the Nigerian economy is excepted from the importance of having a proper search engine optimization strategy implemented for their business. Be you in the

  • Food industry
  • Hospitality and Travel
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Wellness and fitness industry
  • Hair industry
  • Education
  • Automobile
  • Finance / Fintech
  • Transportation


What is SEO

According to Wikipedia SEO stands for “search engine optimization” it is the process of getting and growing the quality and quantity of website traffic from the “free” “organic” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.


Why SEO Is Important

According to available data,

  • 93% of online experience starts with a search engine.
  • 1 in 4 internet minutes are spent with Google (Google search, Google play store, Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube etc )
  • Do you also know that 87% of desktop searches are done on Google? And Google equally dominates the searches done on mobile ( 95.6% )

Once your site is properly optimized for search engine you have positioned your site to take advantage of searchers that are searching online for things around your business niche every second of the day.


So Why Do Every Nigerian Business Needs SEO?

  1. It brings free actionable traffic to your business website. Traffic that can be converted to sales.
  2. It guarantees and yields good ROI
  3. It builds brand authority, increases brand awareness and mention
  4. 7% of clicks on google search goes to the first position and the top 10 search engine result return pages.
  5. You competitors are doing it.

If your Nigerian business is into real estate or event management, you don’t want just your competitor to show up when people search for “Real estate company in Lagos” , “2 Bedroom bungalow for sale at ikeja” or “Event Management Company near”

The truth is that people are searching, your potential customers are on their phones, tablets and desktop computers searching and asking questions and your business needs to show up to take advantage of that.  There are three main types of searches your potential customers make, they are informational, navigational and transactional queries

Informational Query: This is the type of queries/searchers perform by users when they are actively looking for an answer to their questions. This user may not transact any business with your brand now, but they may do so much later if you have what they are looking for. Informational searchers ask questions using words like

  • What:
  • Why:
  • How:
  • Where:
  • Eg: “where can I get immunization for my child in Lagos?”  “Where can I hire a driver in Lagos” or “What business can I do with 50k?” etc


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Informational Queries - Why Every Nigerian Business Needs SEO

An Example Information queries 


Why Your Business Needs SEO


If you have a business in any of the above niche (Health, Car rentals / Drivers recruitment and Business Development) you will surely want to show up at this time, this is why every Nigerian business needs SEO and this is why you should make sure you optimize your websites/blogs for SEO

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Should My Business Target Informational Queries?

The answer is yes according to recent material from search engine land, 80% of searchers are informational, 10% are Navigational while the rest 10% are transactional. This stat outlines the importance of finding and targeting possible informational queries within your niche.


How Can My Nigerian Business Target Informational Queries?

The answer is simple. Provide your target users with quality content(s) that answers their questions and addresses their pain point. How can your business do this?

Write Blog posts: Blog posts that focus on your industry topics. It could be

  • A list blog post that explains a particular topic in your industry through a detailed list guide or
  • it could be a step by step guide blog post that shows how to perform a particular action. Eg if you’re into event planning you can write a step by a step blog post on “how to plan your perfect wedding” or if you’re into hair business, you can also write a blog post showing how to fix a particular hair.

Create DIY videos: You can create a How to do it video to show your target audience how to fix a particular issue in your niche. Eg if you’re a PC technician you can create a video on how to fix a particular PC’s problem.

Create ebooks and guides: A downloaded guide on any topic relevant to your industry. Eg for my niche I can create a guide on “How to Perform an SEO Audit from your business website” or “How to perform simply update on your WordPress powered website

Create infographics: Infographics are used to illustrate a concept. You can create one on any important topic around your business niche.


Navigational Queries

This is a search query with clear intent. The searcher knows what he or she is searching for eg say the name of your website url is rideonnigeria.com or wincotechlifts.com and the user is trying to find you and just search for Wincotech here the brand Wincotechlifts which happens to be an Elevator/lifts company in Lagos ought to show up on the top part of the search and it did as the image shows below.


Navigational queries are the only queries your business may not target directly, but your business can position itself to make sure that when users search with their brand name, they will show up. How can you do that? Make sure that your website

  • Has the right structure and shows all the appropriate pages and details of your business like?
  • Your brand name
  • Your location
  • Contact details like phone numbers, email, contact form WhatsApp and live chat and more.

With all of the above in place and your website properly crawled, your website should show on top of the search when users search with your brand name.


Transactional Queries

Transactional queries are queries that users conduct when they are ready to make a purchase. The user understands what he or she wants, the user is informed and is ready to take action either to buy immediately or as soon as possible.

Transactional search queries may include

  • Exact brand and product names (like “specific phone name and type” “specific hair product name and type”)
  • Normally include terms like “buy,” “purchase,” or “order.”  There are asking questions like “Where can I learn how bake cakes” “Cost of driving school in Lagos” “How much is Redmi Note 8 Pro” etc
  • Vertical searchers: These are mainly local searchers related. Searchers who want to make purchases in specific local businesses eg restaurants, hotels etc

Example Transactional Query - Why SEO Is Important For Your BusinessAn Example Transactional Query

How Can A Nigeria Business Website Take Care Of Transactional Queries

  • First, put your website in order. Every standard business, personal or portfolio website needs to have some of these important features in place. These are the important features that every website should have, features like
  • Having your brand name, logo and other brand details in place on your website.
  • Making sure that your website has proper navigational features
  • Your contact details are within reach be it Phone numbers, WhatsApp, email and contact form, live chat.
  • Appropriate CTA’s (Call To Actions) at the right places
  • Proper product description and prices for your product and services.
  • Optimize your website pages for search engine, but most importantly ensure that you optimize your product/services listing pages also for Local search.
  • Make use of Google AdWords. Available data shows that Google ads campaigns work well with for transactional queries because of its high purchase intent


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Let Help with Your Business SEO

If you want to start driving more valuable traffic to your Nigeria business, traffic that will lead to sales, then we are here at your service. As Nigeria top SEO Company our SEO packages and processes covers all the 3 different types of search queries mentioned above. From transactional to informational and navigational searches. Taking care of these opens you up to numerous opportunities to reach interested leads and drive them to your business.

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