10 SEO Plugins That You Can’t Do Without

10 SEO Plugins That You Can't Do Without

10 SEO Plugins That You Can’t Do Without

If you build websites using CMS especially WordPress, then the plugins listed below are a must-have. This is a summary of an article originally written by our Co-founder for learnbydoing.com.ng

To read the full material, please head off to 10 Must-Have SEO Plugins for WordPress That You Can Use Today And Their Alternatives 

1) SEO By Yoast Plugin:

This is one if not the most widely used WordPress SEO plugin with over 1 million downloads, its regarded as the most complete SEO plugin available for WordPress.


2) All in One SEO Pack Plugin

Following on the heals of SEO By Yoast, is All in One SEO Pack which I personally use, just like the one above it offers you everything that you will need to optimize your WordPress site and its simplicity stands out especially for a beginner.


3) Squirrly SEO Plugin:

Squirrly plugin is out to make sure your posts are SEO friendly without you doing much work manually if you have not already written your post.


4) Broken link checker

Broken links in any website equate to bad user experience and do a lot of harm than good to your SEO effort, to avoid this you need Broken link checker.


5) SEO Friendly Images:  

For those who for one reason or the other did not optimize their images to take care of their page/post targeted Keyword/Phrase, SEO Friendly Images plugin helps you do that job easily, by naming your images and filling its alt tags based on the theme of your post.


6) WP Smush.it

One of the things that affect our site speeds and ultimately our ranking efforts is the sizes of our site media assets one of which is our site images that’s where WP Smush.it comes in


7) W3 Total Cache

For your SEO efforts speed is an important factor, speed aside enabling your site meet the fundamental ranking factor, it also improves your site user experience and help keep your users where they supposed to be rather than diverting them to your competitors.


8) Google XML Sitemaps

Having a website is one thing, getting it discovered by both human and search engine crawlers is another and that’s where sitemaps comes in.


9) Sumo Me Plugin

SumoMe Plugin enables you give your site visitors the option to share your great content to the world with a user-friendly vertical ( on desktop) and horizontal(on mobile) share button that allows your users share your content on multiple social media platforms.


10) Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights

Finally, after all, is done how do you keep track of your site performance? How do you know what works and what works not? that is where Google analytics plugin comes in.


Head off now to 10 Must-Have SEO Plugins for WordPress That You Can Use Today And Their Alternatives for the article full download.


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